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Freerunner Navigation Board

(Photo of Version 2)

(Photo of Version 3)

  The Freerunner Navigation Board is a small PCB which is able to measure rotations as well as the magnetic field in 3D respectively (i.e. compass and gyroscopes integrated). Additionally it provides a barometer to measure altitude.

The complete version adds more functions to allow for experimentation going beyond Navigation.

The navigation board can be integrated in the existing Freerunner case. The new V3 board can also be used for other devices like the OpenPandora, the Ben NanoNote. It can also be used for homebrewn Quadrocopter and drone gadgets.

In order to test the functionality of the sensors we developed a monitor application for sensors written completely in Vala. For more detailed information on both, Freerunner Navigation Board and Sensor Monitor, please refer to Navigation Board v2 and Navigation Board v3

Standard Board
Version 3
EAN: 4260183480129
no longer available Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometer/Alltimeter/Thermometer, Magnetic Compass
Complete Board
Version 3
EAN: 4260183480136
no longer available plus different (IR) LED controllers, I2C level shifter, EEPROM with RFID access (13MHz tag)

What can we do with it?

No idea. Perhaps someone of you can find an appropriate use :)

We are looking forward to get feedback and comments.

Features V3

  • InvenSense ITG-3200 3-axis gyroscope (rotation sensor)
  • Honeywell HMC5883L 3-axis compass
  • Bosch Sensortec BMP085 temperature compensated barometer
  • Bosch Sensortec BMA180 accelerometer
  • Complete version only:
    • TI TCA6705, MPR121, MIC1557 (Ir-)LED controllers
    • STM M26LR64 EEPROM accessible through 13 MHz RFID
    • TXS0102 level shifter for I2C (e.g. to 1.8V or 5V external busses)
  • room for additional sensors (see wiki page for details)
  • all sensors interface to I2C (1.8 or 3.3V)
  • board fits into Freerunner case
  • split of supply (3.3V) and I/O voltage (1.8 ... 3.3V) to allow for connection to 1.8V logic (e.g. BeagleBoard, OpenPandora)
  • needs a little soldering of 4 / 5 wires to the Freerunner motherboard
  • drivers and monitor applications are available (see wiki page for details)


You need some soldering skills to install the boards. Please make sure that you don't cross wires or produce short-circuits. This may damage not only the Navigation Board but also the Freerunner.
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