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Breaking news: You can now order directly through the GTA04 shop page.

Fund Raising Campaign for GTA04A5

After the last batch of GTA04 boards is sold out for a while we have now seen the great success of the Neo900 fundraising project ( After evaluating the whole situation (need for open hardware, alternatives, component supply, world economy), we have finally decided to offer a new GTA04 revision, called GTA04A5, because we know that there is still unfulfilled demand for GTA04 and Letux 2804 devices.

It is not yet produced and we have to adjust the PCB design a little to accommodate new needs and capabilities and for replacing some obsolete components. But because we can't finance to produce in advance and beyond demand, we need a good estimate how many devices we should produce. Therefore we sell preorder vouchers so that you can show that you are really interested.

red sorry, no longer available. This is a preorder voucher for a GTA04A5 motherboard to indicate that you are strongly interested. It is refundable (but not necessarily in cash but in components we already have secured) and can be applied to a final order as soon as we announce production start. A pledge of >= 100 EUR (i.e. 10 units for 10 EUR each = ca. 84 EUR w/o VAT) counts for our planning purposes as one production unit. Please choose the value that you like in steps of 10 EUR.

Please study the special conditions below.

  grey currently not in stock. Buy a GTA04A5 motherboard. You can redeem your voucher (if available)
  grey currently not in stock. Buy a Letux 2804 complete device based on the GT04A5 motherboard. You can redeem your voucher (if available)
grey currently not in stock. Used Neo Freerunner device. May show signs of use (scratches, dents etc.) Tested to boot Angstrom.
Together with a GTA04 board you can assemble a full Letux 2804.
Buying this device entitles for a rebate of 80 EUR for a GTA04A5 board (when it becomes ready for orders). This entitlement can not be converted into cash.
  green 10.00 € (incl. 19.0% VAT) GTA04:Donation to support the GTA04 project (e.g. hardware and software development).

If you need a 3D printed case, please consider:

To stay informed, please subscribe to the gta04-owner list:

Changes to make it the best GTA04 design ever

We plan to make the following design changes compared to the existing GTA04 boards to improve it as good as possible (no, there will be no different display, no different CPU, no new case):
  • the GPS receiver can provide a 1 second impulse interrupt to the CPU
  • the infrared receiver can be independently powered off to save some more mA (it was alternatively powered with RS232 before)
  • some sensors have been upgraded to non-obsolete versions (e.g. BMA180 is out of production)
  • WLAN/BT power controlled through a GPIO (so that VAUX4 is now free for other use)
  • 6-10-pin (tbc.) FFC connector for external keyboard or other I2C devices
  • it is possible to use a new earpiece (from Knowles) so that we finally can offer a complete case kit
  • the GPS antenna switch has been redesigned to switch more reliable
  • improved headset detection hardware (GPIO instead of ADC)
  • CPU will be always 1 GHz and Memory 512MB RAM / 512MB NAND
  • Vibramotor soldered to PCB
  • UMTS module may have newer firmware inside (tbc.)
  • there will be 3D data (STEP) of the PCB and components so that you can design your own case that fits with a micrometer precision :)
  • there is a plan for a 3D printed case (approx. 50 EUR) with integrated touch pen (GTA04:Case Kit)
  • Shipping with Kernel 4.0 (or later) in NAND flash


Since we need a certain number (at least 100) of real buyers to do another production run, we start with selling vouchers.
  • you can pledge in steps of 10 EUR and this counts as a voucher for a GTA04A5 purchase - if it ever comes to reality
  • a pledge of >= 100 EUR counts for our planning purposes as one production unit
  • the final price is expected to be (incl. 19% German VAT)
    • 599 EUR if we reach 100 production units
    • 549 EUR if we reach 200 production units
    • 499 EUR if we reach 500 production units
    but we will try everything to get below this target! But EUR/USD exchange rate development is beyond our control
  • a voucher is refundable if we announce to cancel the project - but if we already did a risk buy to secure components, you will get your share of components and only any remaining money as cash/bank transfer
  • please note that this is not a complete device, just a motherboard upgrade for an existing Openmoko GTA01 or GTA02!
  • we have a handful of Used Neo Freerunner (GTA02) devices. A purchase will also be treated as a rebate for a future GTA04A5 purchase
  • we do not expect any significant development and production risk, since the GTA04A4 is already quite mature
  • the main risk is that the more we wait the more difficult (and pricy) it may become to get some components
  • we will announce the final price and to start production as soon as we feel there are enough pledges and not a significant amount is coming any more
  • production will not start before we don't reach 100 units - or critical components become unobtainable
  • after decision to produce the batch, it just needs some time and preparation to become production ready
  • we don't expect production to start before September 2015
  • announcements will be done on the GTA04 Owner and OpenPhoenux Community mailing lists.
  • initially we have to include German VAT because we do not export anything, but as soon as you order the final devices, VAT free delivery rules can apply
To find out what the GTA04A5 is, please refer to the GTA04 page and
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